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   One of the most important decisions parents make is where to send their children to school. Equipping children for the future is essential, and we take that very seriously at Bethany Christian School. From preschool through eighth grade, Bethany Christian School has the unique opportunity to develop the foundations of both academic excellence and Christian values in children. This attention to detail prepares our students to matriculate with success. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to challenging students in all areas of curriculum, and training them to share their skills through leadership and service.

   Bethany Christian School has served the Conejo Valley for over 49 years. We employ a group of dedicated Christian staff members who have a passion for training up children and teaching through a Christian world-view. They are skilled educators who are credentialed and go above and beyond to make sure that each child and family is known and loved. They consider it a privilege to teach Bible each day in addition to academic subjects and enjoy sharing their Biblical knowledge during chapel each week throughout the year. We are dedicated to teaching the whole child, aware that every child is unique and has different gifts.

   Our environment is family-friendly and supportive. Our class sizes remain at 26 or under with a teacher and instructional aide in each class. Because of this, we know each child personally inside and out. We consider it a privilege each day to work in this setting. As the cycle of education is constantly changing, it is essential that we focus on delivering what is needed to students. We are dedicated to incorporating 21st century teaching and learning, giving students the opportunity to explore and perfect their critical thinking skills.

It is a pleasure serving at Bethany Christian School. Please call or email us for more information or for a tour during the week.


In Christ,

Julie Shannon


Julie Shannon, Head of School

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