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Preschool Goals

The goal of the BCS Preschool is to provide a loving, nurturing, and stimulating environment for your child. We aim to develop your child’s social, emotional, physical,  intellectual, and spiritual growth.


The staff desires to be Christ-like role models and to instill an awareness of God’s love and His caring nature.  We provide students the opportunity to develop a positive self-image by valuing each student’s individuality and uniqueness. 


Students are introduced to academic foundations at age appropriate levels, as we foster an enthusiasm for learning and exploration.  The child-centered environment will provide an atmosphere where he/she can move about freely interacting in a hands-on program.


Our program offers the following opportunities:

  • to learn simple biblical principles and the love of Jesus as our Savior.

  • for language development and early literacy through stories, poems, songs, finger plays, and learning letters.

  • for creative expression through art, music, rhythms and dramatic play.

  • to learn academic concepts in the areas of math and science.

  • to develop small muscle coordination through activities such as manipulative games, drawing, painting and using scissors.

  • to develop gross motor abilities through outdoor activities such as climbing, digging, and riding tricycles.

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