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Specialist Classes


Our specialist classes of Art, Spanish, Music, and Technology are included in the weekly schedule in grades K-6. Physical education is incorporated daily.

Students at Bethany often cite art as their favorite subject. Art history is integrated into weekly lessons where various mediums are used such as watercolors, pastels, clay, and chalk. Families love seeing artistic talents of their children emerge as projects are sent home on a regular basis. 
Did you know that Spanish is the official language in 20 countries? We are excited to offer Spanish to our students. It is a weekly highlight! Our Spanish specialist uses a published curriculum and incorporates songs, movement, bilingual books, and games into the lessons. Click on the picture to hear Spanish songs from our curriculum.
Bethany is known for its outstanding music program! Throughout the Fall, students prepare for a magnificent Christmas musical. In the spring, students practice for a second musical. Extended family arrive from far and wide to enjoy these performances as students sing about the love of Jesus through music. 
Not only is technology integrated into classrooms with 1:1 devices, but our technology specialist meets with students weekly to focus on specific technology goals. Digital Citizenship is emphasized from a Christian perspective. And Spring is all about coding! A Scope & Sequence is followed as students progress from Kindergarten through sixth grade. 
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