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6th Grade Supply List



1 binder- 3 inches or larger, with front and back pouch

1 calculator (it must have order of operation built in)

1 pencil bag, zippered

4 doz. pencils sharpened (Dixon Ticonderoga 2 HB-yellow)

1 eraser pink beveled edge

4 pens, black medium point

3 pens, red medium point

1 box markers, thin point, washable, 8 ct. (any brand)

1 box colored pencils 8 ct. or more (any brand)

1 ruler plastic 12” standard/metric

1 pair scissors (pointed end)

1 pkg. dividers, index 8 tab, 6-ct

1 composition book marble (any color)

1 single-subject spiral notebook (must have 100 pages or more)

1 white board 8×10 approximately

3 white board markers

1 white board eraser

1 yellow highlighter

4 folders with pockets

1 marker, black Sharpie fine

1 marker, black Sharpie ultra-fine

2 whiteout tapes

1 flash drive, any size (attached to something so it won’t get lost!)

Personal hand sanitizer

4 “stretchy” book covers

2 Report covers



GRADE 6 SUPPLY LIST – Click on this link for the supply list to open in Microsoft Word